Case Study – Delory Law Offices

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Case Study

~ Transitioning the legal community for access anywhere ~

How one law firm went digital over the weekend

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Established in 1977, Delory Law ( is a Massachusetts based real estate law firm located at 365 Broadway, Everett, MA.


The partners at the firm wanted to transform the office system of their legal practice into a fully modernized, ‘securely access anything anywhere’ hub. However, with pressing legal commitments, the greatest challenge was to complete any digital transition work over a weekend. Further, when Monday morning arrived it was important that all employees were able to get up to speed with the new system implementations swiftly, so being user friendly was another key requirement to help to ensure business continuity.

Clark Empire is a IT and Digital Marketing Company. Together, Clark Empire and Delory Law identified three steps to the digitization of the firm: communications, cloud utilization, and a new accounting system.


Implementation one: E-mail using Office 365

The first task for Clark Empire was to move the domain to another hosting provider that offered the speed and security Delory Law required.

Next, the Microsoft Office 365 suite was installed on each desktop computer at the practice. This also involved moving all existing email over to a fresh Microsoft Outlook email client. Four new email accounts were set up (including a catch-all address), as well as the facility to archive emails for up to seven years. Email access was also enabled on each executive’s mobile phone, with an encryption service for securing sensitive data in email messages. 

Further, a shared calendar now ensures that all appropriate staff are aware of the commitments of the practice at the click of a button. And to keep the whole firm protected from malicious IT activity, while both in and out of the office, Clark Empire installed new and effective anti-virus software.


Implementation two: Cloud utilization

Clark Empire then set up a scanning station to allow staff to digitize all of the company’s archives for secure filing in the cloud. These digitized documents – as well as all live and future case files – will now be stored using space on Dropbox, an online file hosting service. This space can also be used to save all relating case-data electronically, such as: emails, faxes, images and photographs, reports, voicemails, letters, invoices, and even evolving draft documents. Once the Dropbox cloud space had been defined, and dedicated folders had been created, all of the existing data resting on the company server was ported over to the new online filing structure. Thanks to some careful pre-planning, all of the data synced perfectly without the worry of an on-site server.

As all of this information can now be strategically housed in one, central point of reference, practice staff will find it easier to locate, access, track, and manage case-related documentation. For added benefit, an office system spring-clean identified and eradicated redundant software to help maximise computing capacity and optimize network speeds.


New accounting system

Until the office system upgrade, QuickBooks Desktop accounting software was being used offline by Delory Law. In keeping with the digitized office system upgrade, Clark Empire backed up all the existing accounting data before replacing the program with, QuickBooks Online. This new system was also configured with the firm’s company information (e.g. for invoice templates), and training on how to use the new version was provided for the staff.


The result

Delory Law is now a streamlined, digitized legal office that can securely conduct business from anywhere, anytime. 

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