Financial Advisor Marketing to a New Generation

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January 6, 2017
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January 7, 2017

Financial Advisor Marketing to a New Generation

Financial Advisor Marketing to a New Generation

With the world of financial advising evolving, the client has as well. One trend financial advisors are seeing in the market is the emergence of the younger generation looking to invest their hard earned money. Though the prospect of dealing with the younger generation can be daunting at times, learning exactly what the younger generations want in a financial advisor can truly help you and your business push past the competition.


Connecting Digitally

In today’s world of smartphones in the palm of every hand, we tend to stay very connected to the world around us, even more so with the younger generations. Through the use of Skype, Facebook Messanger, and other instant text or voice services younger clients seek multiple ways to connect to their advisors and not just a call or email. Connecting to clients through these sites can be quick and easy giving them instant access to you, and giving you faster access to them as well.


Social Issues Matter


According to younger clients appreciate strict attention to social issues in society. They want to feel confident that their investments have the desired effect on themselves, but also the world around them as well. Giving your younger client peace of mind that their investment is bringing in returns the way they wish it to. Impact Investing can also be a draw to the younger client allowing them to have the social impact they may want.


Never Underestimate Social Media


Using the correct social media to attract the emerging younger clientele can be tricky. According to the PewResearchCenter though Facebook is still the reigning king of social media, if you are looking to specifically target a younger audience (whether for your client or to attract more clients) you may want to consider using another platform like Instagram, Twitter. Instagram and Twitter both boast a usage of over twenty-four percent of all online American’s. With both Instagram and twitter having higher percentiles of usage among the eighteen to twenty-nine demographical range, they are both solid platforms of social media and both powerful tools to be used.


Create Your Own App cites mobile apps as yet another point important to the younger client. Though creating your own application may seem like a daunting task it can be easier than it seems. With sites like Appmakr, needing knowledge of programming and coding is a thing of the past. Appmakr features a user-friendly interface to allow you to quickly create the app that you and your clients want.


Still Unsure?

Looking to grab that edge with the younger market emerging but still unsure where to begin? Consultants, like that of Clark Empire, can give you the edge you seek perfecting the way you attract your client base. With clear market strategies and proven success stories, consultants like Clark Empire craft personalized marketing campaigns to help you succeed. Get back to your clients faster while still growing your business by using consulting firms to fill in your gaps when it comes to the younger generation solidifying you and your service.

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