Marketing Plans for the Financial Advisor

Breaking into the Financial Planning Market?
March 7, 2017
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March 13, 2017

Marketing Plans for the Financial Advisor

Looking to spice up your marketing plan as a financial planner? Perhaps looking for a few new tricks to add to your old repertoire? With the evolving market in this day and age, what used to be tried-and-true tricks of the sales force may not work quite as well as it once had. Thankfully, by learning just a few new strategies, you can take steps towards improving your business; attracting the clients you’re looking for.

A great, but perhaps more unconventional means of bringing your marketing plan into the twenty-first century is by using offbeat guerilla marketing techniques. Though these can prove tricky to master at times, a great guerilla marketing campaign can weave its way into the minds of potential clients with very little cost to you. Perhaps look into speaking opportunities at events, consider adding your name to a local charity function, or perhaps start a contest looking for a new logo for your company. These are just a few of the many ways to stir up interest in you, and your financial planning services!

Another great way to up your marketing game is by using social media to its absolute fullest. There can be many unique options in social media depending on the audience you’re trying to target. Say you’re trying to reel in a younger audience with financial planning services for their future – a well-placed Instagram post can go far for visibility. Spice it up by starting a string of informative videos and post them to your site giving future clients a tease of what you bring to the table. Or perhaps you’re looking to market your services to a more professional business crowd? A great article posted on LinkedIn can give massive credibility to you and your services. There’s an entire clientele out there simply waiting to see you online!

Looking to expand online visibility, but you are already using social media to its fullest? Consider advertising your financial planning services using Google. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can transform Google to point local searches in your direction by registering your business. Another tool to consider is using Google to advertise through Google AdWords. AdWords is an incredibly powerful tool in promoting your service. Web sites promoted by Google appear practically indistinguishable from regular searched websites while still placing your above the competition’s.

Still at your wit’s end when it comes to financial marketing? An easy alternative to dealing with the headache and hassle of marketing is to hire your marketing problems out! Consider using consultants, like that of Clark Empire, to help you attract clients quicker and with more reliability. These proven success stories, like Clark Empire, can put you on the right track towards where you envision yourself and your business. Looking to target a specific audience? Experts like these work to gear your marketing strategy towards the client you are truly looking to serve rather than fishing for leads in the masses. It’s a win-win for your business!


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