What is “Internal Linking”?

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March 22, 2017
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May 9, 2017

What is “Internal Linking”?

Internal Links

Occasionally we can become so involved in our mission to obtain links that are external, that we forget about a type of linking strategy that not only has Search Engine Optimization gains, but that we also have complete control over – internal linking.

If I link to Google here, that’s an external link. An internal link joins two pages of the exact same website, so if I link to my blog post on “Are more back-links better than more content for SEO?” , that’s an internal link.

Internal links serve three main functions:

  • Help in content discovery and website navigation
  • Help define your website hierarchy
  • Help to distribute ability through the site

There are certainly lots of best practices to follow when it comes to internal linking. Nevertheless, internal linking doesn’t often pull the same sort of attention and punishment danger as an external linking strategy. In the event that you do what feels natural and makes sense, and don’t go you ought to be good. As an example, say you write a post about starting a company that is new, and for the reason that post you mention the best way to get financing. Then link to it, in the event that you formerly wrote a post about the best way to get financing. Straightforward.

The biggest error you could make together with your internal linking just isn’t to use it.

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