PPC Advertising for Swimming Pool Companies

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising, allows you to target specific people who would most likely purchase goods and services from your website.

A common-sense approach to online advertising, PPC campaigns help spread the word about your Pool Cleaning business to those most interested in purchasing goods and services offered.

Why use PPC to Advertise Your Pool Business?

You can do this by placing ads in places they visit often. By placing ads on relevant search engine result pages like Google or on social media and third-party websites, you build brand awareness, and a loyal customer base.

For example, if your business sells pool equipment, you’ll want to place ads on search result pages for keywords like ‘affordable pool equipment,’ ‘pool service near me’ and ‘reputable pool cleaning companies.’

You will also want to feature ads on social media pages for Pool Cleaning. Lastly, you will want to place ads on informational websites, blogs and other sites dedicated to pools and pool equipment.

In addition to getting people to click through to your website to make a purchase, you can also use PPC campaigns to encourage people to sign up for newsletters, download apps, enter contests, answer surveys and more!

When building a brand, you will need to engage with customers repeatedly; in different ways. Providing an easy-to-navigate website filled with valuable information is the first step toward building a successful consumer relationship.

The next step is to encourage people to visit the site. With various marketing methods available, it’s best to determine the right combination of SEO, PPC, email and traditional marketing such as print, radio, television and direct mail.

Investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy will lead to positive, long-term results. PPC campaigns are inexpensive, easy to measure and take very little effort to get started.
If you’re not sure how to get started, hire experienced PPC specialists like us to help you out! Clark Empire offers various online marketing services such as PPC, SEO, web design and social media management.

What are the Benefits of a PPC Campaign?

Small, medium and large Pool Service businesses can benefit from PPC campaigns. Targeting specific customers helps increase profits and brand awareness. With targeted advertising, you will also feel more confident in your marketing efforts because PPC campaigns yield lots of useful data you can use in the future.

The benefits of an effective PPC campaign:

Attracting the right customers

Attract customers searching for websites that sell the types of goods and services you provide. Instead of attracting casual internet surfers that may or may not make a purchase, PPC ads attract those who need the items and services on your website.

Increased web traffic

PPC ads help increase web traffic by making your website available to more people.

Budget-friendly advertising

Because you control how much you want to spend on your campaign, you can easily create a marketing budget that suits your bottom line. We offer various PPC plans for varying budgets.

Build brand awareness

PPC ads help build brand awareness because these ads will be seen by your target customers repeatedly.

Gain valuable insights into your customers

The data gathered from a successful PPC campaign can help you build your business. Not only will you learn more about your customers, but you can also test new products and service offerings, host contests and conduct surveys to learn more about what customers expect.

Easy-to-measure results

Measuring ROI for PPC campaigns is very easy (much easier than measuring the ROI of other marketing efforts). You will know right away if customers respond to your ads.

Easy to manage

Once your campaign is up and running, it’s very easy to scale up or down as you learn more about which ads are effective and which aren’t. Use the data gathered to determine the best spots for future ads.

Incorporating PPC into your marketing campaign will yield immediate results. Best of all, you can monitor the effectiveness of PPC ads and determine
ROI quickly without having to ‘read the tea leaves’ or make educated guesses.
With our help, you can experiment with ad placement, ad content and the number of monthly clicks to generate the most revenue.

Our PPC Strategy

At Clark Empire, we provide expert PPC management services for all business types. We’ll work with you to devise an effective PPC strategy and then manage it for you! We have years of experience writing ad copy, keyword research, ad placement and ad copy testing and more.

Initial Campaign Development & Strategy

Developing an effective PPC strategy requires us to learn more about your target customers. We also want to learn more about the goods and services your business provides, the industry you work in and your competition. The more background information you can provide to us, the better.

Thinking outside the box can really help enhance a PPC campaign. For example, if you’re targeting those interested in sports, mainly baseball, placing ads on search engine result pages for used baseball equipment, enhancing play or websites about specific baseball players helps you reach these customers.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection

Determining which keywords customers use when searching for goods and services that your business sells can help us find the best spots for ad placement.

Because it’s impossible to place ads on every relevant keyword search results page, we sift through keywords to find the ones that have the most potential – the words most likely to reach target customers.

We’ll conduct comprehensive keyword research to determine which keywords and phrases your target customers use to find goods and services related to your business. We use the latest technology to find popular keywords related to your business.

In addition, we’ll analyze keywords and phrases used by your competitors.

Ad Campaign Copywriting Services

Because of the limited space for content within an ad, writing these ads requires the ability to convey meaning using very few words. Our specialists can craft effective ads that grab the reader’s attention. Compelling people to click through to your website is the main goal.

In addition to ads, we can create teaser content that compels people to download apps, enter contests, sign up for newsletters, complete surveys or download coupons. If you have a retail location, we can also write PPC ads that promote upcoming sales and events.

Industry Analysis

Gaining insight into your industry helps us select industry-specific keywords and phrases to attract target customers. Understanding industry lingo allows us to craft ads with the right tone to entice customers to click through to your website. During this research, we may also find additional spots for ad placement.

Integration, Tracking and Monthly Reporting and Analysis

Our PPC management service includes ad placement within the Google PPC Network and Google Local Service Ads. We rely on Google analytics integration and goal-tracking technology to ensure that your campaign maintains a high ROI.

You will receive monthly performance and analysis reports that tell you which ads are effective and which are not. These valuable reports help us pinpoint exactly where changes need to be made. With constant monitoring, we can make changes quickly and easily.

Ad Copy Performance Testing

Creating revenue-generating copy requires lots of testing to get it just right. We will modify ads as necessary to ensure that customers click through. We will also test colors, fonts and other visual elements. Testing allows us to replicate successful ads and avoid creating poorly performing content and visual elements in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about the various PPC campaign plans available.

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