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Clark Empire provides vital computer network installation and support services, data backup and security compliance solutions and IT project consulting services. Our team has over 18 years of combined experience providing reliable, responsive IT support and cloud solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Professional IT Services

Reliable Onsite IT Support

Instead of staffing a full-time IT department, many business owners and office managers have discovered a more efficient, cost-effective way to meet ongoing computer system and networking needs by outsourcing IT installation, repair and replacement tasks to local IT service providers like Clark Empire.

Whether you're running a startup business and need help installing software/hardware and network equipment, or you manage an established business and want to upgrade software/hardware and other network components, hiring an experienced, reliable onsite IT support team is essential to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Our team is always a phone call away if there's an emergency. We can visit your business location regularly to ensure all information technology systems are running effectively.

We can collaborate with in-house IT departments to assist in complex computer and network system installation, repair or replacement projects as needed.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business with our onsite IT support services.

Expert Remote Helpdesk Services

Due to a lack of office space or budgetary constraints, creating and maintaining a full-time IT department isn't always an option for some businesses. Also, you may not need an in-house IT department if you mainly hire remote employees.
But since you and your employees will require IT support at some point, Clark Empire provides reliable remote helpdesk services as needed. We can perform onsite visits or troubleshoot computer and network system issues by phone or online.
But since you and your employees will require IT support at some point, Clark Empire provides reliable remote helpdesk services as needed. We can perform onsite visits or troubleshoot compProviding your employees with quick solutions to their computer and network issues increases their productivity and may reduce employee turnover - this is especially important when managing a remote workforce.uter and network system issues by phone or online.
Our team provides various helpdesk services such as network system troubleshooting, software/hardware issue resolution; computer system updates and repairs, data backup services, cybersecurity services, and more.
Best of all, as your business grows, our remote helpdesk services can grow with you!
Contact us today to learn more about our remote helpdesk services. We work with clients to create customized solutions to suit various IT needs.

Network Installation and Support Services

Clark Empire provides network installation and support services to businesses with or without in-house IT departments. From installing and troubleshooting Wifi connections to installing network equipment such as routers and switches, our technicians help stage and implement network systems essential to daily business operations.
For small business owners with specific network installation and support requirements who don't want/need to create a full-time IT department, outsourcing this work helps reduce overhead costs without sacrificing equipment quality or reliability.
Our technicians will recommend the best products to suit your needs and budget.
With a keen understanding of emerging technologies, our team can recommend system upgrades, innovative products and other IT services that help you run a successful business.
In addition, Clark Empire provides maintenance and equipment monitoring. We're here to help with equipment repairs and replacement as needed.
Contact us today to learn more about our network installation and support services.

Computer Software and Hardware Installation and Support Services

Setting up and maintaining a functional office requires a lot of planning and implementation of computer networking systems, software/hardware installation, security systems and much more.
And even if you have a dedicated IT department to handle these tasks, outsourcing software and hardware installation and support lessens the workload for IT staff, allowing them to focus on more complex issues and emergencies.
Clark Empire provides expert computer software and hardware installation, support and monitoring services. We can perform software updates and install patches for increased efficiency.
Our team will help you select the right software and recommend software upgrades as needed. In addition, we provide security monitoring to protect sensitive information.
Hardware installation may include setting up employee workstations and other areas in an office. We set up external hardware such as computer monitors, keyboards, routers, printers, scanners and other equipment. We'll also test the equipment to make sure it's working properly.
Our technicians can also install, repair and replace internal computer components such as hard drives, motherboards, memory cards and more. We will suggest component upgrades and keep you informed about the latest technology.
Contact Clark Empire today to learn more about our computer software and hardware installation and support services.

Microsoft 365 Administration

If you own a website that receives traffic from all over the United States, then Yes! From setting up email encryption to securing and maintaining software licenses to integrating specific business processes, monitoring data security and troubleshooting, our team has a thorough understanding of Office 365 and how it can help your business.

Outsourcing Office 365 administrative tasks allows your IT department to focus on other IT-related issues. If you operate a small business without an IT department, outsourcing Office 365 administrative tasks to Clark Empire will reduce your workload while providing peace of mind

Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other state and federal laws concerning personal and health information privacy, software programs like Microsoft Office 365 include privacy controls and other safeguards to protect sensitive information. But it’s up to administrators to set these controls manually and update settings as needed.

When hiring full-time employees to perform manual updates and other tasks that help protect sensitive information isn’t an option, Clark Empire can help!

Data Backup/Security Compliance Services

While advances in computer technology have allowed businesses to thrive online and offline, protecting customer information, business correspondence, industry research and other sensitive information has become an issue that many business owners and office managers aren’t prepared to handle.

Data loss and theft often result in devastating financial loss and permanent damage to a company’s reputation.

Creating and maintaining secure data backup is essential to protecting sensitive data.

Clark Empire provides managed cloud-based data backup services to help protect data from hackers or data loss when a power outage, equipment or network malfunction occurs.

From determining backup frequency to creating and implementing data recovery strategies to minimize downtimes, our team is here to help.

Our knowledgeable team works with businesses to ensure they remain compliant with state and federal data security laws. Failure to remain compliant can result in large fines and may damage your business reputation.

Virtual CTO Services for IT Project Consulting

Successful IT projects require expert development, strategic planning, and thoughtful implementation to ensure the best results. Hiring an experienced chief technology officer can help businesses reach their IT goals.
However, for many small and medium-sized businesses, hiring a full-time CTO may not be cost-effective or beneficial for businesses with limited IT needs.
That's why Clark Empire provides virtual CTO services to our clients. From IT budget planning to project and team management to strategy development, design and implementation, we work with clients to provide professional IT management services businesses need to complete specific projects.
We're here to support both short and long-term IT projects
Contact Clark Empire today to learn more about our virtual CTO services and how we can help plan, organize and manage your IT projects.

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