Local SEO Services for Solar Businesses

Let’s face it, the local solar services market is crowded. How are you making sure your company outshines the competition online?

Growing any locally-owned business requires a strong business plan with a well-defined advertising and marketing strategy that includes traditional print/radio/television ads, direct mail, email and digital marketing, especially local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Like other types of keyword-driven marketing campaigns, local SEO uses keywords and phrases to target customers in your area.

For example, website and social media content for a reputable Solar contractor should include keywords and phrases like local solar installers, reputable Solar contractors, best Solar companies near me.

However, local SEO campaigns require more than keyword optimization on web and social media pages to attract customers.

Successful local SEO campaigns also include advertising in local business directories such as the Yellow Pages, Yelp! and Google My Business profile pages.

In addition, creating backlinks to other business, trade association, neighborhood group and local business club websites are another way to help customers find your business.

As you can see, local SEO allows you to advertise and market your business in multiple ways online.

Whether you rely on your website to process orders or you use your website to provide information about your store, investing in local SEO helps build brand awareness by introducing your business to local customers.

If you’re like most business owners, you have a lot to do during the day. If taking the time to create and implement an SEO campaign isn’t possible, you should consider hiring an ‘SEO company that has experince working with Solar Panel contractors.

SEO experts have the time and experience to create, implement and monitor your campaign.

With many SEO companies to choose from, we encourage you to contact Clark Empire today to discuss marketing strategies, goals, pricing and more.

Our specialists provide expert services such as keyword and phrase research and integration, content creation, title, meta description and image description optimization, social media page optimization, business directory listings and backlinks.

Create Brand Awareness
with Local SEO for Solar Companies

Creating brand awareness builds consumer trust, increases sales and helps distinguish businesses from their competitors. Business logos, slogans, product packaging, employee uniforms and website/social media page design/content provide visual cues that help customers recognize your business.

Adding business information to directories like Google My Business, Yelp! and the Yellow Pages, provides more ways for people in your community to recognize your business.

Local businesses thrive by enticing those in the community to buy their goods and services. In many cases, those searching for the goods and service you sell want to purchase these items now – not tomorrow or next week, but today.

When searching for goods and services online, customers look for names, symbols, photos/images, short summaries and reviews to find what they’re looking for.

Implementing a local SEO campaign that includes directory listings, title, meta and image description optimization, backlinks to customer reviews and other information will help you build a successful business.

When choosing the best SEO company for your Solar Installer Company SEO campaign, it’s important to ask how their specialists will create and maintain brand awareness.

At Clark Empire, our specialists will provide a detailed plan that includes reliable, tested methods for creating a strong brand that local customers will recognize instantly.

5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Consultant for you Solar business

Clark Empire is a Trusted Advisor of SEO for HVAC contractors. We’ve worked with another solar roofing company to boost their local online visibility, implementing geo-targeted keywords, optimizing their Google My Business listing, and building a robust network of local citations and backlinks. The result? Their business is clearly visible in local search results, attracting potential customers right when they’re looking for solar solutions.

We create, implement and monitor your local SEO will save you valuable time that you can use to run your business. But if you’re still considering managing an SEO campaign yourself, here are five reasons to hire a professional instead:

Tampa SEO

1. SEO specialists have the tools, teams and know-how to conduct website audits, set up website analytics, research and generate effective keywords and phrases, create impactful content, monitor campaigns to make changes quickly and provide monthly performance reports.

2. We have experience working with small, medium and large business clients. Specialists can create unique SEO campaigns to suit their clients business goals – from brand awareness to increasing web traffic, enticing customers to visit store locations, generating interest in promotions, sales and other events or a combination of these goals.

3. Local SEO campaigns provide almost instant results that can be easily measured. SEO specialists know how to quickly interpret the data to make any changes or adjustments to keywords and other local SEO tactics. In addition to relying on metrics and other data provided, SEO specialists are always looking for new opportunities online to advertise your business.

4. Mobile search has become a convenient way for customers to find local businesses. SEO specialists have the skills to create mobile-friendly, optimized web pages so customers can view your website on their phones.

5. A reputable SEO consulting company provides much more than local SEO. If you’re looking to outsource all your digital marketing, hiring a company that can create a digital marketing strategy that includes various forms of online marketing and advertising will save you lots of money in the long run.

Our Blueprint for Successful Local SEO Integration

Clark Empire provides expert local SEO integration for businesses looking to increase brand awareness, sales and expand their customer base. We start by meeting with clients to discuss their marketing and advertising goals.

Understanding these goals is an important part of our strategy as we tailor SEO campaigns to meet (or exceed) these goals. We also understand that marketing and advertising goals can change – so we encourage clients to reach out to us whenever they want to make changes or adjustments to the campaign.
After meeting with clients, we will conduct a FREE website audit and SEO score. This audit will give our specialists a better idea of the existing infrastructure and SEO methods already in use (if applicable).
The website audit will tell us what’s working and what’s not working. The report helps us target specific areas where we can make changes for the better.
In addition, the audit report includes areas for improvement, broken/harmful links, missing or confusing content, duplicate content, indexation issues, etc. We’ll also address mobile optimization, as this is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.
The SEO score measures the effectiveness of keywords and phrases currently in use. This score tells us which keywords help drive web traffic to websites and which do not.
During this phase, we’ll review social media pages, directory listings and other areas where the business appears online. We’ll also determine which directories and other websites the business should be listed in or linked to.
Researching keywords and phrases, creating content, optimizing web pages (including URL, title, meta description and image descriptions) and fixing any website issues, creating backlinks, etc. is the next phase.
Making sure the business has an active Google My Business profile page and is listed in local and regional business directories is an important step in any local SEO campaign. We can also update social media pages to create a uniform brand that’s recognizable across various platforms.
Once the campaign is operational, our specialists will monitor and make any changes or adjustments to ensure the best results. Clients will receive monthly performance reports that provide information about the campaign. We’re always here to answer questions clients may have.
Contact Clark Empire today to learn more about our local SEO service plans and pricing options.

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